February 16, 2021

Every day you are faced with thousands of choices. They may be as trivial as what to eat for breakfast or as monumental as what career path to take. Regardless of the type of choice, your choices create your reality. No choice is without consequence.

It’s when we finally realize that each choice bears a consequence that we can finally break free of our money struggles.

Life isn’t that difficult. We make it difficult. We have the power to change our current circumstances every minute of every day. When the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change - we decide to get out of our comfort zone and try something new.

Looking at wealth in a different light.

A key stop in breaking free of your money struggles is to look at wealth in a different light. There are those who look rich and those who ARE rich. The difference comes down to the mindset. Those who struggle with money often times spend money on material objects they really can’t afford, that they purchased with money they really didn’t have, to impress people who really don’t care. They accumulate liabilities they call assets. Those who really create wealth resist the choice of instant gratification and choose to invest their money in assets that will pay for their liabilities; ultimately creating the life of their dreams.

The most important decision you can make for your financial future is to choose to no longer be ruled by a poor mindset but to stand up and be proactive with your financial success. This requires action on your part. Your thoughts and beliefs have been deeply engrained since childhood; which means changing to a wealthy mindset will not happen overnight. Rewiring your brain to view life through a wealthy mentality is no easy task but it will be worth it!

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