December 16, 2020

Change. It’s a scary word.

It implies resisting what is comfortable and moving into unfamiliar territory to welcome change. In fact, in my coaching experience, I find many business entrepreneurs struggle with the change process. In fact, it isn’t easy to overcome years of pre-existing beliefs that are the cause of years of comfort walls we build around our lives. But, how your mind thinks is what you become. Change begins with your mind. Like Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right!” I had to choose to welcome change.

When I was going through change and looking for success after my divorce, one of the things I did is I worked very closely with a mentor. That mentor made me accountable for how I was showing up in the world. What I later discovered is the way you show up in the world is how you’re going to see the world. For me, it took me two years to fully welcome change that would lead me to success. That doesn’t mean it has to take two years for everyone. But, it should highlight that change is a process. It takes time. There’s no "microwave 1-minute" cooking buttons available on this journey.

Your change begins with you.

The most challenging part of any change begins with YOU. I know, sure, it sounds oh-so-easy until you have to do it yourself. It's a complex process, and it wells up emotional resistance. But, it wasn't until I partnered with a mentor that I began to see success. You see, the masses, of which I was once, have a particular belief system. It resounds in your mind like this: You do well in school. You get good grades. Then, you graduate from college. Finally, you land that big job. That is the climax of success.

Do you recognize this familiar mindset and what you've heard as a measure of success?

However, the 1% of the population also known as "the rich" have a completely different mindset. When I was introduced to those mindset changes, my mentor helped me reinforce those belief systems in my everyday life. And, I could see the changes happening as I made tiny, little changes every day.

In fact, I told myself that if I could make only 1% change every day, I would be 365% different within a year. Having that clarity and enduring through the process, I was able to welcome change that I wanted to see. Most importantly, my mentor was by my side & held me accountable to myself. It's the best thing I ever did to embrace change.

You don't have to do it alone.

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